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      About US
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      Zhejiang, Wenling Dongyu Heavy industry Co., Ltd.(Formerly known as Zhejiang,Wenling Hengda Machinery Factory), which is located in the beautiful and rich coastal city of Wenling City, Yongtaiwen Highway wearing city, away from Huangyan Airport.My plants are established in early 2001, years of production are the major manufacturers of construction machinery. A strong financial background, strong production capacity General. We have the advanced professional and technical management personnel, at the same time all kinds of advanced production equipment and perfect quality assurance system, strict management system and advanced detection methods. Ensure the rig at the high-quality, high-yield but also have strong market competitiveness.

      The enterprise to meet market and customer demand, the ongoing technological innovation, to develop new products and enhance scientific and technological content of products. Has now been set up in the country the total number of agents and service stations. Main production plant is drilling rig engineering series: GPS-10, GPS-15, GPS-18, GPS-20 and new 15 machine.

      Our aim is: quality first, reputation first. In good faith to meet customers, welcome new and old customers for their invaluable advice, willing to work with the Friends community work together.
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