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          BZJ160A hydraulic piling walking frame,Wenling Yu Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. is a development and production of a new generation of ground reinforcement construction equipment, technical performance leader in the domestic level, it has a configuration, superior performance, stable, use of wide, safe, reliable, low-carbon environmental protection. Adapt to a variety of pile construction requirements, especially good deep foundation construction, diaphragm wall construction is widely used (ie SMW method). Can be widely used viaducts, highways, bridges, ports, terminals, subway stations and the construction of deep foundation pit top, rivers dam seepage reinforcement and soft soil improvement reinforcement construction.

       Project  Unit  Parameters
       The total length of the column  (m)  21~39
       Simplified diameter column  (mm)  Φ920
       Column rail center distance  (mm)  600*Φ101.6
       Column angle adjustment range (lateral direction)  (°)  ±1.5
       Bracing cylinder stroke  (mm)  2800
       Column trimming cylinder stroke  (mm)  400
       Maximum drilling machine Model  ZLD100-3
       The largest model diesel hammer  D160
       The maximum length of the column  (m)  39
       Maximum column length maximum tensile force batsu


       Platform rotation angle  (°)  ±10
       Pile frame lateral movement  Speed  (m/min)


       Step  (mm)  3100
       Pile frame longitudinal movement  Speed  (m/min)  <2.7
       Step  (mm)  800
       Pile frame jacking  Speed  (m/min)  <0.55
       Height  (mm)  450~450
       Hydraulic winch (hanging drill
         Hole machine, diesel cone)
       Single line pull  (kN)  91.5max
       Rope speed  (m/min)  0~26
       Rope diameter  (m)  Φ21.5
       Rope capacity  (m)  550
       Hydraulic winch (start off,
         Drill pipe hanging, hanging pile)
       Single line pull  (kN)  68max
       Rope speed  (m/min)  0~32
       Rope diameter  (m)  Φ20
       Rope capacity  (m)  265
       Gauge track shoe  Work  (mm)  9100
       Move  (mm)  4800
       Tread  Work  (mm)  4800
       Move  (mm)  5000
       Lateral track shoe  Length  (mm)  9500
       Width  (mm)  1200
       Longitudinal track shoe  Length  (mm)  6900
       Width  (mm)  2200
       Outrigger beams and platform connection mode  Rotary pin, cylinder extended stretch
       Ground pressure  (Mpa)  ≤0.1
       Motor Power  (kw)  45
       Hydraulic system pressure  (Mpa)  25/20
       Ways to manipulate the hydraulic system  Manual and electrical control
       The total weight of the hammers  (t)  ≈130


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